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At present, I have but one short story out in the wild. That will change before the end of the year.

“For the fragile Muses…” is a short story that had multiple factors leading to its creation. I was struck by an idea one day, and decided it would definitely be a short (I’ve had a few “shorts” that have ballooned to novellas or longer), and that I should get my sorry keister in gear, knock it out, and make myself a published writer. (Self-confidence issues. Don’t ask.)

So I wrote it, updating haphazardly on Facebook as to its progress, sent it out to some friends to make sure it didn’t suck (and find any potential issues), got word back that it was better than I thought, and put it up to Amazon, where you can buy it for your Kindle.

It’s more postmodernist than I usually like but, as my Facebook friends know, it insisted on being written that way, and I found out why when the ending hit me (right between the eyes) halfway through writing it.

It starts off with a guy sitting in the bar next to you, telling you the more interesting bits of his life story. By the time you get to the end, it’s… something else.

@deejf just read your story. Nifty concept! I liked the twist.
@SupaTrey on Twitter, 3 October 2012

And if you’re wary of spending money on a short story, I released it under a Creative Commons Attribution license, so you can download it gratis from Feedbooks or Leebre.org, in multiple formats, including Kindle. But if you like it, do please buy a “guilt copy” from Amazon afterwards. I will be highly appreciative.

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